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Lentil and Ham Ragu


For Christmas my family roasts a turkey, glazes a ham, makes coconut rice and peas, creams greens, steams tamales, mixes cranberry sauce, fights over mum’s cornbread and chestnut stuffing and opens presents sipping on cocktails and nibbling on panettone covered in zabaione cream.

But what happens when December 26 comes along and there is still ham and turkey looming about? Continue reading “Lentil and Ham Ragu”

Italian Food · Main courses · Vegetarian

Ravioli with brown butter


There is beauty and peace to be found in simplicity.

My 2 years in New York were… Not good. I was crippled by anxiety, haunted by old and new demons, trying to do too much too quickly to distract myself, to keep up with everyone and everything else. I became someone I hated. Someone that was unable to enjoy and understand the good moments.

And then I moved to the Midwest. I slowed down. I tried to start afresh. Continue reading “Ravioli with brown butter”

Italian Food · Main courses

Tagliatelle with corn crema and tomatoes

Corn crema and tomato pasta

Anyone who knows me well will tell you I am not very good at the whole ‘letting go’ business. I dwell on situations and conversations for months… Some times years.
I replay them in my head over and over again, think of what I could have said or done differently. I scold myself for not having done this or that differently. It exacerbates my anxiety but, unfortunately, it is not I can just turn off. I would love to, believe me… It is, however, something I have learned to live with, it’s part of who I am. Continue reading “Tagliatelle with corn crema and tomatoes”