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Crab Dip

Dip 2

Let’s talk about dip, yes? I like dip. A lot.

If you are coming to mine for dinner likelihood is that you will be presented with a bowl of homemade dip as an enticing opener to our evening together. I will toast pita triangles, get out a bag of crisps and might even crack open a pack of carrot sticks (frankly, if I’m making you dinner mid-week AND presenting you with freshly made dip you will not judge me for using pre-cut carrots), arrange them artfully on a serving dish and nest amongst them a bowl filled with something of the savoury belief. Sometimes it will be vegetarian and sometimes it will contain animal flesh. Most times it will be made of whatever I have in my cupboard and what I could find at the corner shop in under 5 minutes before rushing home to get ready and welcome you as if I had everything under control. Continue reading “Crab Dip”


Zaalouk – Aubergine and tomato dip


Summer is going to be officially over in 2 days. TWO.
I’m excited – I do not like heat and Chicago is killing me with the whole Indian Summer thing it has going right now. Ok, we get it, you want to be warm a little longer, but this is getting ridiculous. I want to wear a sweater and be able to have my cup of tea without cranking up the AC! Continue reading “Zaalouk – Aubergine and tomato dip”