Snacks · Starters

Crab Dip

Dip 2

Let’s talk about dip, yes? I like dip. A lot.

If you are coming to mine for dinner likelihood is that you will be presented with a bowl of homemade dip as an enticing opener to our evening together. I will toast pita triangles, get out a bag of crisps and might even crack open a pack of carrot sticks (frankly, if I’m making you dinner mid-week AND presenting you with freshly made dip you will not judge me for using pre-cut carrots), arrange them artfully on a serving dish and nest amongst them a bowl filled with something of the savoury belief. Sometimes it will be vegetarian and sometimes it will contain animal flesh. Most times it will be made of whatever I have in my cupboard and what I could find at the corner shop in under 5 minutes before rushing home to get ready and welcome you as if I had everything under control. Continue reading “Crab Dip”

Side Dishes

Winter Slaw


Right, so we are all eating healthy for the next 365 days and exercising and being decent human beings and recycling (wait, I already do that!) and… Ok, we won’t. The ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ thing is ridiculous. No one sticks to them. They are unrealistic and mostly unachievable. Designed to make us feel like failures when we behave like humans and don’t stick to them.

With that said, my friend Kelly at Kelly_Does_Life posted earlier today her “More” and “Less” lists. Not Resolutions. Just things she is striving to do more and less of daily. That’s doable and realistic I love it. Continue reading “Winter Slaw”

Italian Food · Main courses

Lentil and Ham Ragu


For Christmas my family roasts a turkey, glazes a ham, makes coconut rice and peas, creams greens, steams tamales, mixes cranberry sauce, fights over mum’s cornbread and chestnut stuffing and opens presents sipping on cocktails and nibbling on panettone covered in zabaione cream.

But what happens when December 26 comes along and there is still ham and turkey looming about? Continue reading “Lentil and Ham Ragu”