In short
Ethnically ambiguous 30-something living in Chicago. I cook to soothe the soul, dance in around the house every morning to get into my groove and spend a lot of time pondering about life. Weird? Not weird. Kinda weird.

The proper story
Born in Panama to a Panamanian mother and an Italian father. We moved to Italy when I was 9 and to bribe me out of my tantrums I was offered food: a steak, a bowl of stewed beans, a pizza, carrot cake with cream cheese icing… I still bribe myself with homely meals designed to distract me from a constant tendency to pessimism; I also bribe friends I need help from – See this pretty blog? I paid a tray of lasagne for it. And my logo? Courtesy of a former housemate I compensated by making my chief taster.

What I approve of: home cooked meals, quick meals, healthy-but-tasty meals, bad-for-you-but-who-cares-because-they-are-comforting meals, pasta… Yes, put in there pasta…. vegetables, meatloaf, cinnamon toast, Marmite, rice and peas, pineapple jam and tea. Also, WIND which is a good thing considering current location, Saturday mornings spent running errands, solo lunches, reading in peace and quiet during said solo lunches. I also approve of crafts.; I’m pretty pedestrian at them but it doesn’t really stop me from trying. Oh, and scarves. Gimme scarves.

What I disapprove of: pretentious/hipster food. I don’t do “trendy” restaurants nor ingredients: I’m very un-trendy, local, homey and totally not down with the kids. Celery, beetroot and chipped nail polish are also in my bad books. I do not enjoy waking up earlier in the morning to fit in 10 minutes of yoga before work but I still do it because one needs to feel virtuous sometimes. I dislike messy kitchens: I clean as I go and hate waking up to a pile of dirty dishes in the sink.

And some more bits to know about Can Be Bribed With Food
I write mostly about food but sometimes I also write about everyday life and other bits that I like – Well, I mostly make lists of those. On Fridays.

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