Good Things Friday

Good Things

It’s sunny outside. It isn’t too hot. AND IT’S FRIDAY!
Let’s do Good Things, yeah? YEAH!

  1. We are all different and have our own truth.
  2. I am *such* a 90s girl!
  3. It’s been a few weeks, but I am still mourning Anthony Bourdain.
  4. Who loves Indian food? I LOVE INDIAN FOOD!
  5. “I’m not a cat person”… I rescued a cat from a shelter and now I am so here are some funny cat comics.
  6. I am very active on Instagram, but this is ridiculous. Don’t be *that* Grammer/Blogger!
  7. Raccoon had me on the edge of my seat – BE THE RACCOON!
  8. I seriously need to use my skillet more often…
  9. What things didn’t you get to eat as a kid?
  10. I’m all about them peaches in Summer.

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