Good Things Fridays

Good Things


It’s Friday! Let’s check out some good things in the interwebs!

  1. ‘Fancy’ mid-week meals are mah jam
  2. Ah, La Dolce Vita!
  3. I mean, who isn’t happy when they see a dog?!
  4. Yep, these are all pantry staples for me… I mean, 10 years and all that.
  5. I actually snorted tea out of my nose reading these. I cried a little too.
  6. Oooh! Swimming hippo!
  7. Ah, online dating
  8. This just makes me SO HAPPY
  9. I am starting to embrace minimalism – Within my limits, but it’s good to have less ‘clutter’around: I feel lighter inside and out.
  10. Sometimes I forget how important it is to look after myself


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